moments of shame

This is a direct hit at those that think they can get away with the little things they do in the dark….

for the parents who do not know any better than to raise their kids the right way..thereby destroying any chance of a normal, undamaged life for their offspring.shame on you

to the girls who figure its okay to smile, tease and flirt your way through life.or go out of their way to try to wreck people’s relationships.or dont know when to say no to scumbags, just ‘coz they are afraid that someone better won’t come along..shame on you

to the people at work who probably don’t have much going on for them in their home lives…or dont have a life at they make it a point to come to work and deliberately drive other normal, nice, otherwise happy people..shame on you

to the guys ( read douche-bags) who just DON’T get it!if you know you have broken an innocent girl’s heart,if you have taken advantage of someone in need,if you’felt you were ready enough to seduce a pretty girl, but weren’t ready to get down to business when “accidents” happen,   if you have gone out of your way to hurt someone’s daughter simply because you’re “that” guy…shame on you

to the people who never know when to say sorry, when to walk away from a fight, when to turn the other cheek, when to decide that some people are not worth should know better..shame on you

and finally, shame on me..for thinking I could use lack of internet at my workplace to dodge blogging..shame on me indeed


p.s: whatever you do in the dark…it shall come to light.

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Keeping It Simple

I think we over-complicate the search for happiness,like we do most things.maybe we use the wrong ingredients when trying to cook up some happiness in our busy lives.yet we shouldn’t have to cook up something that comes so naturally.because we are surrounded by happiness everywhere we turn.when we see that homeless guy happily conversing with his imaginary “friend” playing with abandon..teenagers catching up on the latest events with their friends..

One of my resolutions this year is to try not to complicate my life more than it already is. I have more than enough to be thankful for…so, am not going to look under rocks for proverbial frog (read prince charming), am not going to look into mysteries (or people) that i dont’s sometimes better that way.


Theory: to recognize that you’re content, and to be grateful for that,is the big trick!!

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my saving graces :)

Yes, I had an awesome weekend (even though I can’t remember half of Friday night…and I have a feeling I was really naughty…lol).

Yes, I hate Mondays.and unless I am willing to resign my job, marry a rich man, raise his children and become a Stepford wife, this is something I really cannot get out of.

Yes, my sisters are home…so that means more noise, more drama.and more fun 🙂

But what happens when my weekends are not so awesome. And then come Monday, and everything goes downhill from there…what do I do then, you ask? Well, there is this blog post I go comes up every Sunday, with something new. The blogger basically receives postcards from all over the world and uploads them for all to see. It’s kind of a sharing post for people with emotional problems, family dis-functionality and social anomalies. Now, before you pen me down as one of those wussies, I must be quick to defend myself and say that I mainly read up on this site, simply for the laughs. Some of the posts are ridiculously sad.

I have a good job, albeit a busy one. And every once in a while, I get so caught up in my work, that I forget to come up for air. But when I do, I Face book (no, I don’t tweet. m either home or at work, so that gets a little redundant). But Face book gets boring sometimes. So I “LAMEBOOK”. Weird, right? Yea, it’s a lame version of Face book. Has uploads of some of the weirdest shit to hit the social sites. And believe when I say that some of these are hilarious. Cracks me up every time!

I also have moments when I could do with a smile…like when the boss becomes a little more than I can handle. Or when colleagues turn into douche bags. Or when my personal life gets all tangled up. Or when am just downright grouchy. That’s when I turn to the jokes. You need to sieve through some lame ones, but every once in a while, I come across a laugh-till-tears-come-to-my-eyes joke. And then am good to go. Sometimes, I even turn to Garfield to brighten up my day. And he never fails 🙂

So, next time you see me giggling to myself, don’t wonder if I have an unending source of bubbly inside me…just check out my sites. It might give you just the smile that’s eluded you all day.



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i’m one of those rare human beings who does not know what my 5 year plan is..and proud of it. it rarely bothers me that as others look for the fulfillment in their day to day lives, i couldn’t be bothered what tomorrow brings..and don’t judge me. my life sucks that way..but i figured these would be a good guideline to start with…

it’s a list of things i need to have (or have done) by 25…

1) A resume: a profile of jobs you can fit into

2) A savings account:  That’s the least you can have

3) A good job: that’s what people do when they grow up, work!!

4) A good friend: arguably the hardest thing to come by

5) A dream: not the one you have when you sleep, the one you have that makes you not want to sleep

6) A belief that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to: founded on the awareness of your potentials

7) A big heart: being charitable doesn’t end at giving materially, it also includes receiving others’ crap

8) A realization that one woman/man is enough: if you have two, you’ll still want one more

9) A sense of pride: pride here is talking about a good feeling about your heritage

10) A sense of responsibility: responsibility simply means being accountable for your actions

11) A good hair stylist: we can’t over emphasize the importance of appearance

12) A voters registration card: besides the fact that only grownups can own them, you should have a say in matters that affect you.

13) A little brother: a protégé, someone that looks up to you for direction and guidance

14) A sense of direction: an idea of what you want from life

15) A good sense of timing: timing is almost everything

16) At least, a post high school certification: the biggest room in life is the room for self improvement

17) A realization that friends come and go: this is a function of change

18) A set of dating rules and standards for courtship: part of growing up is knowing what you want

19) A healthy spending and saving habit: it’s called handling your business

20) A strong spiritual base: by now you should have sorted out the question of faith

21) A good sense of humor: growing up shouldn’t be so intense that we will forget how to enjoy a good laugh

22) A defined social circle: how and who do you roll with? Take note that it has nothing to do with your financial status

23) A relaxation routine: very necessary for creative minds

24) A stable relationship: for focus’ sake at the least

25) Real life experience: you’ve been around for 25 years…right?

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October Letters.

this should have been my letter to September, but September was such a hard month for me…nearly broke me it did. and yet here i am.surely the Lord has been good to me.but anyway, back to my letters;

to those-who-talk-behind-another’s-back

if ever you are stuck in a rut,and your loved one has left you for some reason, your family doesn’t seem to have time for you,life seems to be sucking the bejesus out of you and you just can’t figure out why…take a good look in the mirror. the problem starts with carry around that much poison about other people, sooner or later it is bound to sip into your own life.get a life of your own.

to-the-girl-i-refer to-as-” Special”

you’re mad.and crazy.i can almost swear you were born in this continent by accident.and sometimes i fear for my life where you are involved. and yet you have come into my life at the point when i had lost all hope in the concept of family.and friends.and acceptance (or lack thereof). and craziness for the sake of it.not to mention the true gift of life.thank you. i’ll never say this to your face, but you probably saved my life and you don’t know it.too much to say, too embarrassed to say it. but i asked God to take off a couple of my years on this earth and give them to you. you’re better off with them.


Thank you.for listening. for reviving my love for life, through music.and your silliness.


maybe it’s coz i have my own personal code of ethics that i live by, and i understand each person has his/her own boundaries that they don’t allow themselves to cross….but when you step on MY boundaries..then we have a problem.
she has a boyfriend.’nuff said.


i feel sorry for you ck.genuine pity.i have better things to do with and in my life than continue this feud you created.


came this close to letting you down.came this close to letting myself day, one time, i’ll do only half as much as you do for me.

and finally, to October:

i hope you give me as much relief as September gave me grief. so glad you’re here. wasn’t sure i’d see you…


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movies suck.

so, I’m sitting..or rather lying in my bed, watching a movie, or was it series.I forget.anyway, as I am watching this movie/series,something struck me. actually they were two things. and it came to me. movies suck.not for the  repetitive clichés they try to push down our throats.but for the unbelievable impossibilities they make us want to believe in.if you really think about it, these guys just go out of their way to make you believe that anything is possible(and we all know where such dreams end up). before you term me as a pessimist, m going to give you two classic examples. and you can then see for yourself, the silly world we live in:

1.the movie where boy and girl fall in love.something goes wrong.they break up.boy books flight to whatever part of the country he came from. now here, two scenarios come up.
a). boy changes his mind and comes back to claim the love of his life,and tells her how he cannot live without her..need i go on?
b). the girl realizes that she can’t let him go. that he could be the best thing to happen to her in a long time. she follows him to the airport.begs him to stay, rendering the ticket useless.
#catch: no one shows us the non-refundable fee the poor idiot has to pay to cancel and re-book his ticket. or the fact that the air tickets may all be he has to take the, on top of a heart break, he has to take a bus that’s funny.

2. the movie where there is ans awesome speed-chase going on, between the “bad boy” of the movie and the police..or some weaker guys.again, two scenarios present themselves:
a). the “bad boy” leaves the police chewing dust, as his speed is too stupendous for the police force to comprehend, let alone try to compete with.
b). he somehow manages to make all eleven police cars (for some reason, they are always eleven.yes, i counted).anyway, so he manages to make all eleven police cars crash into each other.or into some fruit stall, or go over a bridge.
#catch: how come, with fuel prices and rising inflation, not to mention the low pay of police guys all around the do these guys afford to have speed-chases every other I to understand that they have full tanks all the time. I mean, one car i can understand, but two? what are the chances???

long story, i went back to watching the movie. because, after all, its these things that make us want to believe in the impossible. right?

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